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Trademark Registration

Summary for Cyprus

Cyprus Trademark Details

AssignmentAmount US$- Inclusive all Charges
Cyprus Trademark Search per Class. US$ 80.00
Cyprus Trademark Application per Class. US$ 700.00

Kindly note that the charges quoted herein are all inclusive, and there will be no other charges in the normal cases. However, our charges do not include expenses that may subsequently be charged for the legalization of supporting documents, reporting and responding to official actions, extra publication required by the concerned authority, or any other incidental charges that may be incurred during the registration procedure, and may be subject to increases due to changes in the official fees or exchange rates.


Trademark/Service Mark Applications

  1. A simply signed power of attorney.
  2. A detailed list of the goods/services and the classes pertaining thereto.
  3. The full particulars of the applicant.
  4. Nine prints of the trademark, if in color. If black and white, one print is sufficient.

Renewal Requirements

  1. Simply signed Power of Attorney.
  2. The name and address of the applicant
  3. Trademark particulars.

Assignment requirements

  1. Simply signed Power of attorney signed by the assignee.
  2. Deed of Assignment duly executed by the assignor and assignee in its original or duly certified copy thereof.

Certification marks may only be assigned with a special consent of the Registrar.


Renewal is to be requested within 3 months prior to the registration’s expiry date. However, if the renewal was not timely applied for, the Trademark Registrar shall be entitled to remove the mark from the Register.

Restoration is possible only if the owner of the trademark is granted the right to restore the trademark upon payment of the required fee and by filing an application within the two months following the notice of removal of the trademark.
Trademark registrations will be renewed for periods of 14 years.

A registered mark may be assigned with or without the goodwill of the business. The assignment of a trademark may be made in connection with all or some of the goods or services covered by registration.

T1: How long will it take to conduct a trademark search?
2-4 days.

T2: Does Cyprus use the international classification?
Yes, Cyprus uses the 9th Edition of the Nice Classification.

T3: Are there any goods or services for which the mark cannot be registered?

T4: Does the specifications of goods in any class limit the protection to the specified goods, or does it give additional protection to all the goods in the class?
The specifications of goods limit the protection to the specific goods.

T5: Can a trademark be registered in the name of more than one applicant ( i.e. joint application)? If so, what are its requirements?
No, it can only be registered in the name of one applicant.

T6: Can an application be filed without its complete documents? If yes, what is the deadline for filing the documents?

T7: Can one application cover more than one class of goods/services?

T8: May priority be claimed under the Paris Convention?

T9: What is the term of protection of a trademark? From what date is it calculated?
A trademark registration in Cyprus valid for 7 years from the date of filing the application or from the priority date and can be then renewed for periods of 14 years each.

T10: Is marking compulsory? (Identified by the symbols ™ and ®,)

T11: In case a trademark is not renewed in due time, and another company registers the same trademark, can the original owner oppose the registration?
A trademark that has been removed due to non-payment of the renewal fees stays in the Records of the Cyprus Registrar of Trademarks Office for one year of the removal date. The original owner can oppose the registration. Also please note that according to the Cyprus Registrar of Trademarks Office there is no time limit for restoring a trademark.

T12: If the trademark had been filed incorrectly in the first, what documentation would be required to amend the official register to show the correct details?
It depends on the correction, if it the registrant wants to add a specification in the same class of goods then it is possible. However if he applies to the wrong class and wants to correct it then it is not possible therefore it would have to be filed again.

T13: Is use required before registration or for maintaining the registration in force?
Use is not required before registration to keep the registration in force; however, lack of use for the period of 5 years may subject the trademark to cancellation by a third party.

T14: Is use of the trademark on one item sufficient to maintain the protection for all the goods covered by the registration?

T15: What are the types of use required?
It is not required to prove use of the trademark unless instructed otherwise by the trademark Registrar; in this case, we may submit Sales, exhibitions, advertisements, bills ... etc.

T16: Can the assignment of an application be recorded?
No, only when the application matures into full registration. However it is possible to apply for the recordal at the Cyprus Registrar of Trademarks Office before the application matures into full registration and the Cyprus Registrar of Trademarks Office will then record the assignment after the registration of the said trademark. 

T17: Is recording a license agreement compulsory? What are the consequences of non-recordal?

T18: Can recordals such as change of name, address, merger, assignment, license, etc., be made against pending applications?
Yes but they will only be recording after the applications matures into full registration.

T19: Can an assignment be made with or without the goodwill? What monetary consideration is to be mentioned as the value of the assignment? Is there any tax based on the value mentioned?
The assignment can be made with or without the goodwill. There is no set value by the Cyprus Registrar of Trademarks Office or tax based on the value.

T20: Can the trademark application be opposed and what is the opposition period?
Yes, within two months of the official gazette date.

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